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Luang Prabang, LAOS

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Palm trees and red soil, brown river and the people living there and Lao style buildings are illuminated by a sunny late afternoon sun. The view from the car window heading from the airport to the guesthouse slowly enters visibility and passes away as when I watching the opening of the movie. And that sight sticks to my mind. After a while the car arrived at the guest house.

As a town with international airport it is a compact town that is small in size and it will be around a week without taking a week. There are also substantial means of transportation, such as taxis and tuk-tuks, such as taxis and rental bikes. Bike taxi is rather a lot of users of local customers. Just go to the residential area, you will not see the taxi or tuk-tuk.

From the guest house it can reach the center of the town if you walk about 20 minutes. In the center of the town there is a small hill called Mount Phou Si between the Mekong and Nam Ou Rivers, and restaurants, bars, hotels, and guesthouses are densely packed with tourists at the foot of it. Also in the evening the night market will be held. You can easily climb Mount Phou Si and you can see the city from the observation deck.

Traveling requires bargaining power. The situation will change depending on negotiation. Just negotiating and passing self is a different thing. Do not forget to say that it is negotiations with the partner to the last.

日没後は近所の人達が集まりテーブルを囲って酒盛りをしている。 その和やかな雰囲気は僕たちをリラックスさせてくれる。町といっても一部の外国人用レストランを除いて、夜も10時を過ぎればほとんどのお店はしまってしまう。11時近くになると観光地で働いていた人々が片付けを終え自宅へ向かう。そして日の出まで町は静かさを取り戻す。
After sunset the neighbors gathered and surrounded the table and was drinking. The peaceful atmosphere makes us relax. Even if it says a town, most stores will be closed after 10 o’clock in the evening, except for some foreign restaurants. At around 11 o’clock, the people working at the sightseeing spot finished tidying and headed home. And the town regains its quietness until sunrise.


Early in the morning, the road where there was a night market last night was cleaned up as if nothing had happened and there were no garbage on the road either. Perhaps because the monks walk with bare feet in the early morning alley, they will clean up.

As Luang Prabang is said to be the ancient capital of Laos, temples concentrate, and in early morning many monks make uproot. Mendota is one form of training of an ancient Indian religious entrepreneur including Buddhism, training to trust a believer who asks the minimum food necessary for living while walking around the city. It is held every morning, mainly receives rice, sweets, fruits etc from the residents. There were money in the basket except for food. When monks take it back to the temple say that those foods are distributed equally to everyone by the person in charge.

The staple food of the Lao people is rice. It comes in a container that is characteristic of elongated shaped glutinous rice and knitted with bamboo. Tear off the bread by hand and take it to your mouth like eating. The moisture is small and sticky, so it will not stick to your hands.  It also has excellent compatibility with local cuisine Raap and glutinous rice.

Are Laotians a remnant of the French colonial era or eat breads as well as Vietnamese. There is a bakery in the town and a street vendor who sells local people and sandwiches bought a lot of bread here. Bread looks stiff like a French bread at first sight, but it is soft, eatable and tasty, as opposed to its appearance.

There are foods that were shocking this time in Laos. It is a purple corn from the Lao people. It looked like corn but it was a strange maize like eating glutinous rice. It’s a delicious and good for beer. I’d like you to have this corn if you have the chance.

In 1995 the whole city is registered as a World Heritage ancient capital Luan Prabang is also said to be the most successful tourist destination in Laos. Many foreign tourists visit mainly Europeans. There are several sightseeing spots in the range of about 30 minutes by car from the town. Local people are serious about the tourism industry and they understand well that it is directly connected with their lives. It seems like the whole town is like a theme park. That reflected me in my eyes.

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